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Microblading is done by using a fine blade to deposit pigment into the dermis of the skin, which gives a natural hair stock to the brow area. Microblading is a great alternative to tattooing brows. Healing time typically takes about 7-10 days but varies for individuals. The results can last 12-24 months, but a touch up is recommended every 10-12 months.

Shading & 3D brows

Shading is done by a machine that deposits pigment in the brow that gives it a powder finish. It's semi-permanent. Microblading can be combined with shading. The two techniques give the brows a mix of natural hair stokes and a full makeup finished look.

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I have brows!!! I've always had thin non existing brows and this is the first time they look full. After microblading and shading they are perfect! I love them.